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Can the Future change the Past?

When Alex’s life gets thrown upside down in a single moment, she learns that nothing happens by chance, and ultimately discovers that some mysteries lie within herself. In a bid to endure the dramatic turn of events, she is guided by a unique sense of intuition towards true courage and finds love emanating from the unlikeliest of circumstances. Who she trusts, and the choices she makes, will not only affect her present self, but also have impact on something beyond her reach.

With moments colliding and Time breaking the laws of nature, we learn that the life Alex leads today can shift the course of the past. Or can it?


All profits from copies sold will go to a charity or cause listed below.
* Selected charities may change at any time on the discretion of the author.


Syrian refugee crisis


Global White Lion Protection Trust


Stephanie was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1985. Having left school at the age of 16, she did a variety of jobs and spent time in London and Cape Town until 2015 when she started to write Inversive.

She lives in Hermanus, South Africa with her husband and 3 children.

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